Manuel Hitz
Zürich, Switzerland
I am an experienced and detail-oriented Frontend Web Developer who will grudgingly but successfully handle the occasional Backend development task thrown at him. I believe in and will fight for crazy high unit-test coverage because it is the best way to document your code and enable future changes and refactoring. Any written piece of code will eventually be read by someone else, maybe your future self, so I am a proponent of code uniformity and consistency. Visual consistency should also be enforced, by a style guide and a shared component library. To deliver all of this to happy customers, I will push for multiple deployments to production per week in small, reversible, incremental changes.


2021 – now


Zürich, Switzerland

Software engineer

  1. Development of a browser-based editor for interior spaces.

    JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Vue, Tailwind, TypeScript, linear algebra, trigonometry
2018 – 2021


Lausanne, Switzerland

Software engineer

  1. Implementation of a suite of web applications:

    • Dashboard, allowing users to supervise operations in realtime. Some key features: watch vehicles move on a map, with their planned route to serve upcoming pickups and drop-offs; manage rides and bookings; visualize pickup and drop-off locations over time; pre-position a fleet’s vehicles according to historical data; plan your fleet’s time allocation
    • Administration, for the management of anything that is not related to live operations: users with fine-grained permissions, vehicles, operational locations, routing contexts, etc.
    • Booking Portal, allowing third parties to create bookings
    • Dev Tools, for development and demos, to manage simulated fleets and demand
    • Account, handling SSO to all other applications
    • Stop signage, displaying next departures on e.g. a bus stop

    Creation of private NPM packages to share CSS styles, map styles, React components and a JavaScript SDK for hundreds of Bestmile API endpoints.

    JavaScript, CSS, HTML, WebSocket, React, Tailwind, Flow, Mapbox, Docz

    Development of a proxy backend for the Android and iOS Traveler Apps.

    JavaScript, NodeJS, Firebase

    Maintenance and development in existing backend micro-services.

    JavaScript, NodeJS, PostgresSQL, Express, Koa, Sequelize
2014 – 2017


Zürich, Switzerland

Software engineer

  1. Implementation of a mobile web version of

    Design and implementation of a common state of the art REST API for the mobile apps and the website.

    Implementation of the redesign of as a fully responsive website.

    And much more

    JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Backbone.js, MongoDB, JSF, Java, Google Ad tech

krick cyclomessagerie

Genève, Switzerland

Bike messenger

  1. 1 year sabbatical to pursue a longtime dream.

2006 – 2012


Genève, Switzerland

Software engineer

  1. Development of a responsive online ticketshop.

    JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Sass

    Involved in the GUI design, architecture and development of the SecuTix 360º ticketing solution, used among others at the time by the Opéra National de Paris, the Compagnie des Alpes and the Consortium Stade de France.

    Management of 4 developers.

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ext2.x, JSP

    Development of the SecuTix ticketing solution, used by several national and international event providers, fairs and music festivals.

    Involved in the design and implementation of an easily customizable online ticket shop.

    HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript
2004 – 2005


Genève, Switzerland

Software engineer

  1. Development of ELCA’s Cont’n’Shop 5 Content Management System.

    Crafting the website of the Paléo Festival Nyon for 2 consecutive years.

    Various small tasks like participation in offer drafting, or maintenance of several websites.

    HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Java, JSP


1999 – 2004

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)

Lausanne, Switzerland

Master degree in Computer Science

2001 – 2002

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, USA

Exchange student at the School of Computer Science

Academical projects

2003 – 2004

Autonomous car driving in a virtual city

EPFL, Lausanne

Development of a Virtual Reality environment for learning to drive a car through a city with traffic signals and pedestrians.

C++, OpenGL, Python, 3D Studio Max


Building Virtual Worlds

ETC & Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Teams of 4 students accomplish 5 interdisciplinary projects to explore the possibilities and push the limits of Virtual Reality by creating immersive 3 dimensional worlds.

Java, Python, 3D Studio Max


French, English, German
BMX, mountain biking, design, infographics, LEGO, Apple